Big Sky Ceiling Mural

A Yellowstone Club Montana home theater ceiling mural, depicting an underwater scene with trout and an eagle descending. With many complex moving parts, site visits with subs, and exceptionally talented teams to bring it all together, this home theater is a dream to sit in, enjoy a movie, or simply daydream. A visit to a separate historic Eastern MT Ranch- a world-class exclusive property, with 4 of my largest art commissions installed.

Honored to be featured in Mountain Living Magazine, March/April 2019

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This ceiling mural was a complex and yearlong project. The installation - 300 pounds of wood and wax panels- took more than a week on-site, involved scissor-lifts, scaffolding and yards of protective muslin. The result was exactly as the homeowner had dreamed.
— Irene Rawlings, Mountain Living Magazine, March/April 2019
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She worked closely with the architect, builder, interior designer and lighting designer to make the homeowner’s dream a reality.
— Irene Rawlings, Mountain Living Magazine, March/April 2019
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theresa stirling