Telling stories with wax layers & fire

Olympic Peninsula studio is nestled in lush forests, opening to a sunny spot on a canal. Inside the cozy studio is a fireplace, and tables covered with current projects. For over 14 years, Theresa Stirling has been enchanted with creating using natural beeswax, dammar tree sap resin, and generous amounts of oils. Pottery scraping tools, blowtorches and brushes  are scattered. The studio is welcoming and not too tidy; place where hand-built custom art is made with wax & fire. Plans are being formulated for possible retreats in 2018, with a focus on creativity, holistic living, and interiors. Give a call, come on by.

Commissions are a rich, collaborative process. Discussion, research, examples, and suggestion of how it might look in your space. There is no limit to the mood these luminous paintings can create. Videos done courtesy on select projects; here is the latest Hawaii Custom Beeswax Art seascape encaustic and a behind the scenes on corporate art. Also view how-to and making of images on Steller Stories. Read an in-depth interview at Decoist Architecture and Interior Design: Part I & Part II. Stirling Studios Winter 2017 Newsletter & Summer 2017 Newsletter.

“Stirling continues to paint for a living, for her clients, but most importantly, because she loves creating beauty and sharing it with others.”    – USA Today

“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.” Rainier Maria Rilke